Assembly Assistance

Welcome to Compac Furniture's assembly assistance page. Click on a heading for more information.

Commonly asked Questions

How do cam fittings work?
How do I assemble a draw?
How do I install the metal drawer slides?
How do I install the hinges?
How do I adjust the door hinges?
How do the back panels fit together?
I have two pieces of board left over. What are these for?
The drawers on my cabinet don’t always sit flush against the front of the cabinet. Why is this?

Colour Coding

To help identify the parts, the main components are colour coded with a pen mark on the back edge of the panel. (The edge without any laminate on it.)

RED: Right Hand Parts. (E.g. RH End, RH Drawer Side, RH Division)
GREEN: Left hand Parts. (E.g. LH End, LH Drawer Side, LH Division)
BLUE: Tops

All other parts will be marked with a black line.

Care of your Cabinet

This cabinet is manufactured from 100% New Zealand made MDF panel material, and is laminated with top quality laminates. To prolong the life of this quality New Zealand made product please take note of the following precautions.

  • Avoid direct sunlight wherever possible.
  • Keep cabinet in a dry place.
  • Wipe off spilt liquids immediately.
  • Avoid placing hot items directly on the surface.
  • Clean with a soft cloth and a mild polish.

 For further information click here to ask a question or see our 5 Year Guarantee details.